Stranger’s touching note on mum’s car about her children reduces her to tears

A mum has shared a heartwarming note a woman left on her car saying it brought tears to her eyes after a ‘distressing’ drive.

The parent said she her nine-week-old baby son had cried throughout the drive to drop off her six-year-old daughter at school before she spotted the note.

She explained her baby son may have a possible allergy or intolerance and wanted to be held by her but as she was driving he became upset which left her distressed.

But her other son, who is almost three, helped to alleviate the situation as he sat patiently in his seat staring out the window.

In her post in a Facebook group she said she her vehicle was in the Matalan car park in Leeds on Tuesday morning when she spotted the note on her way back.

She wrote: “If you were to see a note on your car on returning from a shop, you’d automatically assume the worst… wouldn’t you?!

“Well I instantly thought ‘oh god, what is this?”

“Then I read the note… and wow! I instantly started tearing up but held the happy tears back so my beautiful children didn’t see!”

The note, signed by a woman called Sarah, reads: “You have beautiful children! – Thanks for making me smile from my car.

“From one mum to another you are doing a fab job!!

“Sarah x”

The overwhelmed mum ended her post thanking Sarah.

She wrote: “From one stranger to another and one mother to another, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing message to me this morning!

“It honestly made my day you just never know how someone might be feeling and this definitely made me feel better at that moment in time! I’m glad we made you smile too.”

The post has been liked a whopping 33,000 times and has attracted more than 800 comments praising Sarah for her kind words.

One person wrote: “How lovely is that, just a few minutes is all it takes just to make someone else smile – wish there were more people like Sarah.”

“This is lovely. Although must say even the picture of your car with the note gave me the fear of god. I’d have been hyperventilating on seeing this I my car,” a second person commented.

A third member said: “It’s people like this that make the biggest difference in the world! Costs nothing to be kind.”